Flora S. H. Ling

Something electric passes from my subject to my mind and body when I draw. On a good day, I capture that ineffable communication. There are no bad days when I am completely in focus, only less productive days filled with wrong decisions or fatigue. 

A day without art is shorter and darker. So I spend my days in pursuit of art in all its myriad forms. This involves visiting great collections, beautiful places and studying artists and their work.  I enjoy sketching, painting and drawing in plein air or in my studio. 

Art is a lifelong interest but I was not able to pursue it seriously. About ten years ago, I took an art class. I thought I would ‘scratch the itch’ and eventually quit. Instead, the desire to pursue art has become a passion. Every moment of learning and experimenting, from watercolor to oil, Conte to pastels, has been wonderful.

I found a couple of inspiring teachers at a community college and a university. But art is a solitary practice; the best way to improve was to do it. I go to weekly life drawing sessions. And, when I feel a bit lonely painting at home, I find a good workshop for inspiration.

In between, I read about the great artists, study their works when I travel. I think about how to improve my art. Then I go do some more.

The harder it is, the more satisfaction I feel when I begin to feel confident about my technique. One day, I will be completely happy with my work. But until then, the process is invigorating, fascinating and exciting.